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Matava wins Environment/Local Sustainability Award at AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards 2010

Matava wins AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Award 2010

Matava has been awarded the Environment/Local Sustainability Award at the AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards

KADAVU, FIJI ISLANDS – 26th February 2011 – Matava – Fiji’s Premier Eco-Adventure Resort is proud to be announced as the winner of the Environment/Local Sustainability Award at the AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards 2010 for its policies on environmental sustainability and the environment.

The annual Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards night sponsored by AON was held at the The Warwick Resort and Spa on the Coral Coast on Friday 26th February 2011, and attended by Matava Director, Stuart Gow. Many local tourism operators and business people attended the evening presentations. This year there were over a thousand nominees in the 12 categories. This glamourous event was Red Sea Rig & Cocktail theme, welcoming guests with a 3 course dinner, an awards ceremony & fantastic live entertainment with a turn out of over 400 guests.

The Environment/Local Sustainability Award recognises efforts to preserve the environment & local communities for the benefits of locals & visitors alike in developing & fostering both environmental & national conservation. It also assesses efforts to support cultural initiatives and promote public awareness and education in support of “Fiji Made” products by reducing their carbon footprint.

Matava was proud to be nominated in 3 categories, and was chosen as a finalist in all nominated categories at this year’s AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards. Bite Me Gamefishing Charters and Mad Fish Dive Centre were recognised as finalist in the Fiji Experience Award, and Matava – Fiji’s Premier Eco Adventure Resort was a finalist in the Quality Accommodation Award as well as winning the Environment/Local Sustainability Award.

“We are extremely proud to win this award. We have been lucky to win overseas and global awards for our environmental policy in the past year, but it is especially gratifying to be recognised at home by our colleagues in Fiji.” said Mr Stuart Gow, one of Matava’s Directors.

Richard Akhtar, Managing Director of Matava – Fiji’s Premier Eco Adventure Resort said “At Matava, we are of course both happy and proud to receive this prestigious award. We find it even more important that the industry, by rewarding environmental efforts, choose to take a stand for the environment we depend on. We also see it as an important continuing signal to the community which at the same time can serve to inspire the numerous individuals and companies who have been doing so much, and continue to do even more in the field of environmental enlightenment and conservation. This award has highlighted Fiji’s leading role and efforts in this regard especially.”

About Matava – Fiji’s Premier Eco Adventure Resort:

Matava – Fiji’s Premier Eco Adventure Resort, is an eco adventure getaway offering you a fun and unique blend of cultural experiences and adventure activities in the environmentally pristine and remote island of Kadavu in the Fiji Islands. Matava – Fiji Premier Eco Adventure Resort is a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort as well as a Project AWARE GoEco Operator. With more than 14 years experience in the Fiji Islands, Matava is recognized as a leading educational dive centre. Matava offers accommodation for up to 22 guests in lush tropical surroundings in traditional thatched Fijian ‘bures’ with hardwood polished floors, louvre windows and private decks offering privacy, comfort and superb ocean views.

About AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards:

The awards which have been in existence for 14 years, honour those who have made a significant input to Fiji’s most important industry. The prestigious awards are given to individuals, groups and companies in a broad range of categories; covering accommodation, restaurant and dining, tours and transportation, environmental and local sustainability. Winners were chosen as part of a nomination process which began late last year and closed in January. Recipients of the various awards have proven dedication, active participation and innovation in their fields of speciality, and have thus merited the esteem of the industry. Over the years, the AON Excellence in Tourism Awards has grown in prestige and now not only bestows recognition but serves as an incentive for individuals and companies to aspire to greatness in the sector.

AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards 2010

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Matava wins Environment/Local Sustainability Award at AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards 2010

Monday, February 7, 2011

ARE YOU WHAT YOU EAT? Seven Steps to Sustainable Eating

By Lauren Brombert

We can’t live without it. But eating the wrong types of food can also lead to compromising our health. And it’s not just a question of obesity, which is at an all-time high.  All kinds of conditions have been linked to poor nutrition, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and a variety of cancers. You’ve heard it before: “What you are is what you eat.” But what we put in our bodies doesn’t only affect us.  It also affects the health of the planet.  

How livestock is raised, how fruits and vegetables are grown, and how far food is transported to reach us are the questions we need to be asking if we want to make good nutritional—and environmental—choices.

Ready to change some habits? Here are some simple steps you can take.

1. Buy Organic

Food certified as organic follows strict guidelines in farming and processing practices. They have to be free of GMOs, artificial or synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, preservatives and radiation. By selecting organic products, not only are you reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals and organisms, you are also reducing the amount of toxins used in the environment.

2. Avoid Antibiotics

When it comes to meat and dairy, make sure products have not been treated with antibiotics.  Antibiotics are one of the most important medical discoveries of the 20th century.  The more antibiotics you consume, however, the more resistant you will become to bacteria.  

3. No Growth Hormones

A growth hormone called rGBH is used in U.S. industrialized farming to accelerate growth in animals. rGBH affects both the meat supply and dairy products. More and more evidence suggests that it may be responsible for increased rates of cell replication, which could lead to cancer. In addition to staying in the meat itself, growth hormones get passed through animal manure, contaminating the soil and groundwater.

4. Choose Fish Carefully

Overfishing causes serious problems. If a type of fish is killed off or insufficient numbers of mature males and females are left to reproduce, it can set of a chain of events that wreaks havoc on the environment for years to come. Buy fish and seafood from stores which require suppliers to uphold sustainable fishing practices.

5. Buy Local

The farther food has to travel to reach you, the more fuel is needed for air, ship or overland transportation.  Help cut back on C02 emissions by buying food grown locally.

6. Eat What’s in Season

In the U.S., if you buy asparagus or peaches in the winter, you are only going to find imports.  They’ll be a whole lot more costly than seasonal products—both to you and to the environment.

7. Stay Low on the Food Chain

Fruits, vegetables and legumes (which are at the bottom of the food chain) need far fewer resources to cultivate than meat.  It takes 13 pounds of grain to create one pound of meat.  By eating less meat, you are benefiting the economy and the environment.  
These little adjustments in your daily life to keep your family and the planet healthy add up to make a big difference. There are hundreds of small but powerful green actions you can take. Our mission at Going Green Today is to provide you with a personalized, easy-to-follow “Green Makeover.” All you have to do is answer a few questions and, in minutes, you get a free report outlining your green action plan.

Each action will green your life, your world and your wallet, saving you up to a guaranteed $2000 each year.  We’ll show you the way to “go green” step at a time.

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