Sunday, July 27, 2008

ProQuo : Help the environment by reducing waste

Help the environment by reducing waste

Over 100 million trees get used for junk mail every year in the U.S. You can help by stopping your unwanted mail.

ProQuo makes it simple for you to pick and choose
which offers you want to receive in the mail.

After creating your ProQuo account, you will have your own electronic "“dashboard." Here you can request removal of your personal information from thousands of lists and organizations that have your information on file.

Here are the types of lists that we help you manage:

  • Coupons & Weekly Circulars Learn more...

  • Marketing Lists & Data Brokers Learn more...

  • Other Directories Learn more...

  • Telemarketing Lists Learn more...

Depending on the lists you choose, we will either electronically transmit your requests on your behalf or guide you through the removal process. You should begin seeing a reduction in your junk mail in less than 4 weeks, and the full impact in about 3 months.

ProQuo - Stop Junk Mail and Protect Against Identity Theft for Free

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