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Organic Gardening, June/July 2010

June/July 2010

June July 2010 cover

Tomato Trifecta, page 30
Three talented chefs share their favorite varieties (think heirlooms!), tomato-growing tips, and delicious ways to enjoy them. Learn more about growing your best tomatoes.

Coming Home to Roost, page 36
Chickens are the pets du jour for good reason: they're fun and easy to keep, and they yield delicious benefits. Find out why there should be a chicken in every back yard. Learn how to quell your neighbor's concerns about your backyard flock.

From Mild to Wild, page 44
Not every pepper is a three-alarm fire. Some simply tingle; others have a smoky burn. Here are our favorite varieties of peppers.

Common Ground, page 18
Jeff Cox on how everything is connected.

Tips from Our Readers, page 13
Organic Gardening readers are creative and resourceful—and they like to share.

Flower Power, page 24
Cool the summer garden with a moss urn.

Good Bug, Bad Bug, page 64
Eliminate strawberry root weevils.

Maria's Country Farm Kitchen, page 80
Maria Rodale publishes a passionate defense of organic growing. Read her story here. Find out more about the book on her blog, Maria's Farm Country Kitchen. Order a copy of Organic Manifesto here.

Find It Here, page 78
Learn more about the products and services mentioned in this issue.

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