Thursday, February 28, 2013

Composting 101 | My Organic Gardening Blog

We all know (or at least have heard) that composting is good. But do we all know why? There are several benefits to creating compost and using it in your organic gardening practices. I recently read some wonderful information and realized that many of us may not know just why we should be crazy about composting. Read on to learn about how great compost truly is for you and your garden, and why you should start composting immediately.
First, it is important to understand that composting allows the organic matter and nutrients of a plant to return to the soil. Although it exists in soil already, nutrients are depleted and used by the plants that grow in it and need to be replenished. Compost helps to improve the structure of soil, while improving a soil’s fertility and ph balance. Composting supports and promotes a wide range of soil life, such as bacteria, fungi, worms, or beetles. Compost is also known to create plants that are more resistant to diseases, especially ones that are soil-born.
There are two more reasons everyone should keep composting in mind, and these reasons, to me, make the most sense as to why composting is essential. Don’t you think it’s a better idea to put your “waste” into your backyard and create a sustainable process of living, rather than hauling it to a wasteland in a town nearby? Yes, I thought you’d agree with me on that, too. Also, why wouldn’t you practice composting, when the necessary ingredients are so easy to come by? Your eggshells from breakfast, along with the grinds from your morning coffee-holic routine are perfect. What else? The ends of the lettuce you refuse to eat, along with the scraps left from your sandwich at lunch are ideal additions to your compost pile.
Ringer Compost PlusTo begin composting, there are two things you should do – 1.) decide where to set-up your compost shop and 2.) get started. I chose to put my compost pile in a corner of my yard that is visually blocked by my shed. Secondly, I employed the Ringer® Compost Plus Organic Compost Starter to begin my composting endeavor. I used this, along with waste from my yard, to get started and then just added my daily waste materials like weeds, kitchen scraps, newspaper, and shredded up cardboard, among other things.
I highly recommend embarking on your own compost journey, if you have yet to do so. It will save you money, save the trash collectors from hauling unnecessary sustainable waste, and best of all, help your gardens thrive and remain healthy. Please feel free to share any tips you use in your composting practices, as we all can always learn more!

Composting 101

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