Saturday, June 14, 2008

Green Building 101: A Basic Guide to Green Building Industry Resources & Information

Green Building 101:
A Basic Guide to Green Building Industry Resources & Information

Thank you for your interest in Rate It Green's Green Building Industry Resource Guide.

Green Building 101 provides a connection to and listing of the top green building industry information resources we have found throughout our research. Information that used to take hours, weeks or months to find will now be available in minutes! Green Building 101 lists trade associations, resources, and tools as well as resources that may be helpful to everyone such as green building media, forums, resource centers, directories, guides, and more. Green Building 101 will serve as a valuable research tool for a variety of green building professionals and consumers:

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• People new to green building about to embark on a project who need to ramp their knowledge quickly

• Experienced building professionals who want to go green but just don't know the best path or approach to information

• Experienced building and related professionals with a specific question and some green interest who want to know where to go to when they have a question

• People studying the industry who want to find the top information resources

• Manufacturers, service providers, and facility managers who want to know more about their information and networking options

Green Building 101 fits right in with Rate It Green's commitment to promote information sharing and to increase the level of available information resources for the green building community. On Rate It Green's online community, visitors and members can share what they know and learn from each other. We are also excited to present additional information to help the green building industry grow even more rapidly.

Order your Green Building 101 copy today, and sign up for our "Live Access" option to receive the most up-to-date research online for a year. Our research team will be continually adding new resources.

Rate It Green - Green Building 101

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