Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rate It Green

Rate It Green

Welcome to Rate It Green! Our goal is to facilitate information sharing to support further industry growth, to help increase industry confidence and openness, and to offer a place for community building. On our site, members learn and share information through product and service reviews as well as by posting entries and asking questions on The Green Forum. Our industry guide is aimed at providing the entire market with information that can be difficult and time consuming to find. Current site features include:

Green Ratings: Find and rate green building products and services
Rate It Green Forum: Ask questions, and offer advice based on your experiences.
Green Building Basics: Learn more about green building
Green Links: Read about top green building and related resources

Rate It Green's Industry Resource Guide: Green Building 101
Announcing Green Building 101, Rate It Green’s industry resource guide! Featured resources include green building organizations, tools, media, forums, resource centers, retailers, directories, guides, and more.
Click here to learn more and purchase a downloadable or print copy today!

At Rate It Green, we welcome all levels of participation with our community, from registering as an individual member or corporate member (Free), listing products and services (Free), submitting content to share personal or professional green building knowledge, or sponsoring site features or Green Building 101, our Industry Resource Guide. Click here to register.

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