Monday, October 6, 2008

The Green Office

Greening @ is dedicated to modeling the best-practices of sustainable business. In every sphere of operation our decisions are made to maximize the social, ecological, and financial performance of our company – what is known as the triple-bottom-line. We believe in this philosophy so deeply, in fact, that it was written into our founding documents. Though our company is most easily identified by environmental goals, we are equally concerned with issues of democracy and social justice. From the communities we impact to the people manufacturing our products, we work to include all stakeholders in a decision making process that ensures equity, health, and personal safety. Here are several steps we have taken in the name of greening:

  • Co-op America Business Seal of Approval
  • Bay Area Green Business Program Certified
  • CERES Annual Sustainability Reporting
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offsetting

History was established in 2005 by Alex Szabo, a former sustainability consultant and educator who experienced the need for a single source of environmentally and socially responsible office products. He pitched the idea to long-time friend, engineer, and management consultant, Garrett Miller who was immediately intrigued. Soon Mr. Miller left his position in corporate America to help build a company dedicated to social justice and ecological balance, not just the bottom line. has since worked hard to build a one-stop resource for sustainable office products, services, tools, and information.

Partners partners with nonprofit, business, and government leaders working to build a vibrant green economy. If your organization is interested in collaborating towards sustainability in the workplace, please email us.

Thanks to the following partners for their shared commitment to office greening:

  • ShoreBank Pacific
  • Redefining Progress
  • Natural Logic
  • EPA SmartWaySM Transport
  • EPA Green Power Partnership
Vision & Strategy
The vision of is simple: an office products industry where human and ecological health are the sole byproducts of operation. To this end we help consumers align values with action by providing a full selection of sustainable office products at great prices. Through green purchasing and sustainable practice customers of send a clear signal to the market that real demand exists for positive change. In turn, this signal triggers the innovation of greener products, narrows the price gap between green and conventional products, and furthers adoption by mainstream consumers. We invite you to join us in bringing sustainability to the workplace.

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